We ramble about code, technology and life. Sometimes we actually code...

Over the last, 2 to 3 years, Bitcoin has been facing the same question, that any other network faces at some point; how do we scale this?

Changing the default vim theme is quite simple yet so many don't bother to spend two minutes to improve their quality of life dramatically.

What is it that you want to achieve? What drives you? Where are you heading?

grep is a wonderful tool that I think those new to Linux should really come to grips with.

Is your coding on the next level? What is the next level? I didn't know there are levels, are there levels? Is this a game? How do I get to the next level?

JavaScript code can very quickly become unmaintainable... Few developers will say of themselves that they have produced unmaintainable code. As developers we tend to get very attached to our code.

Amongst the flood of reviews and opinions about the latest Windows Phone 10 release, I believe 2 smaller, yet very important, updates have been missed. I’d like to share those 2 with you because it’s something which other platforms have not yet been able to get right.

It's big, it's bold, it's reckless – and possibly the coolest thing since self-driving cars and drones. The Internet of Things is slowly but surely climbing into reality and consuming anything and everything it can get its hands onto.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace (still), LinkedIn, Email, Pinterest, Flickr, 500px, Soundcloud etc. etc.

​What does it all mean, when do I use what?

Installed CM nightly 12 on my LG G2 after they had announced their release.

Implementing social share buttons on a website can sometimes be a real pain. Most of the time they slow down the page and simply look out of place and break the design.

My move from Google to OwnCloud.

I’ve been swapping back and forth between Chrome and Firefox for the good part of the last year. Here are my findings.

Yes, they’re strange and a little weird to set up but I like it and it works for me.

So you want to parallax? Maybe also some funky animations while we’re at it?

Over the past days I had to get a site to work in IE8 with Foundation 5. Having gone through lots of frustration and hours of reading “solutions” on forums I’ve decided to compile a template of things I did to solve this problem.

Make a decision, take your hands out of your pockets and hunt down that goal with a burning desire.

Don’t get overwhelmed and overloaded with trying to add too much.

Developers often dive into a world where they assume everybody has an ideal internet connection and is running the latest and greatest browsers. However, the reality is vastly different and not everybody uses Chrome and lives in Europe or Silicon Valley.

Are we the generation that will break the barriers of privacy? Google, Facebook, Twitter. They know what we like, what we do and where we are. They know the people we communicate with. They know where we last shopped online, what sites we visited recently, what video we watched on Youtube, who we last chatted with on Whatsapp.

Desktop Environments, Window Managers and Login Managers

For a developer Google is the pinnacle of technology and innovation. Google is kind enough (since they only do good^^) to share their knowledge once a year to a broader audience through Google IO.

A technical look at the basics around using Linux

For quite some time now I have been using gulp. Gulp is truly amazing and saves me a bunch of time.

The youth gives us what the older generation cannot, in a world that is constantly changing.

When it comes to delivering the best user experience it is vital to focus most of your time on creating pages that load quickly.

Every website starts on a piece of paper. The initial conceptualisation is sometimes completely different than the end result. In our case we started from a template and then tried our best at designing something that we can launch with. Please remember, we’re not designers - we write code.

Now has a webclient!

A list of shortcut keys which work with most modern web browsers

Image preloading is actually quite simple and there are many ways to do it. I will be focusing on a technique that involves hiding the images and attaching a load event to them.

The significance; a customised home page that greets you every time you open your browser.

Today I come across an article, which for the first time in months, has been able to grab my attention and focus for long enough to read past the opening paragraph. (http://zenhabits.net/breathe)

What’s the hype about all these new, fancy and sparkly front-end JavaScript frameworks? And this thing called node.js and MongoDB? Can one really use these tools in a real life production environment?

Android applications inherently, have nothing wrong them, apart from seriously ignorant businessmen who not only make biased decisions on the fact that the only thing they own is an iPad, make uninformed development decisions because of incorrect facts, such as OS fragmentation, and indoctrination by a clever marketing team a Apple.

With all these social media networks, what the hell do I do?

Below is a list of randomly assorted quotes which have made a positive impact on my life (especially quotes 1-5 & 14). In essence, these quotes are just little reminders of our own intuition and I think it is good to read them every now and then to get back on track.

Tasker is an android application for users who want automation and integration to be a vital part of their smartphone.

Camera shutter sounds can be quite bothersome but certain countries have laws governing this.

Here’s how to remove the shutter sound even if Android does not allow you to.

Here is my take on productivity. Productivity is something everyone can achieve, even the laziest of people out there. Productivity is not a mind-set or some magical inner state you need to reach. Productivity is the act of doing actions.

Today I found out something quite interesting. Google gathers traffic data based on anonymous location data from smartphones.

Today we see every major social networking, forum or even general website requiring you to register on their site using your real name and surname. This trend has been reinforced by the ability to use Facebook or Google as authenticators when creating or verifying an account.