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The simplest way to handle social media buttons.

Image Preloader

A simple preloader for preloading images and CSS backgrounds.


This is a collection of tasker profiles and tasks distributed by kyco.


A minimalistic and lightweight (2.13KB) modal plugin.


A powerful calculator based on Python.


A lightweight weather widget which hooks into developer.yahoo.com/weather and uses WOEID.


A simple script to create, read, update or delete cookies with javascript.


Manage your hosts file and its entries using profiles.


A little widget that shows the current resolution and adjusts on browser window resize.

kyco CP Theme

An EE Control Panel theme. It focuses on a highly efficient navigation which is fixed for quick access.


A simple HTML ruler. Can be useful for testing responsive stuff on desktop and mobile.

Python Web Scraper

You define the URL, the element and the reference class. Designed to download images from websites that use thumbnails

Bitcoin Currency Ticker

Currency ticker service for Bitcoin which combines the data from various exchanges around the world.